Management and reporting taken care of

So you can focus on what you do best

Granity will help you manage every aspect of your not-for-profit organization with confidence and transparency. Powered by 4Technology, Granity is a world-class management system designed to support your organization's goals.

1. Choose your modules

Granity is packed with features and modules to suit any Not-for-profit. You can decide which modules your organization needs.

Popular modules include: 

  • data collection for monitoring and evaluation procedures
  • health and safety
  • risk management
  • incident management
  • checklists and surveys and time recording

2. Collect the data that you need

Do you want to easily fulfil donors reporting requirements? Know how far through a project you are? How many tasks are outstanding? How clients view your service? How much time your staff are spending on certain projects or tasks?

Use Granity to collect the data you need to answer your questions.

  • Data is stored in a central location and can be accessed from anywhere. 
  • staff all have personalized dashboards with the tasks they need to complete, and any data collection they are responsible for.

3. Generate reports with ease

Reporting is simple with Granity’s reporting tools.

A full suite of standard reports are available for monthly reporting to funders, management, and board members. Custom reports can be created as needed.

Personalized dashboards show you real-time progress within your organization and projects.

4. Manage every aspect of your organization

Granity provides real-time oversight of your entire organization.

  • People at every level have access to the information they need to work effectively.
  • Any type of program, activity, or task can be measured and monitored. 

Total visibility and control

The dashboard feature and automated reporting will allow you have real-time oversight into every aspect of your organization.

User friendly

Granity has an easy to use interface designed with the end users in mind. Key features can be located within the intuitive menus.


Granity is provided as SaaS (software as a service), you will not have to host the software and will have full functionality. 

Tailor made for NGOs

We understand that not-for-profits have unique pressures and requirements - Granity has been designed with this in mind.