Announcement: Granity is visiting Nepal

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Announcement: Granity is visiting Nepal

One of our founding directors, Grant Meikle, will be visiting Nepal from mid to late April. Having worked in an NGO in Nepal in the 1980s, he’s maintained strong ties with the country ever since.

This trip will be spent connecting with NGOs operating in Nepal, and discussing their data collection, management and reporting needs.

Operating in a country like Nepal provides a far different experience than what many foreign development workers are used to. Frequent power cuts, variable internet access, and no internet access in remote regions all add challenges when using digital data collection methods.

Granity deals with these issues by allowing offline data collection that can then be uploaded to central storage when an internet connection is available.

This can be particularly useful for projects and organizations that span multiple countries as managers can access the data they need from any location. The central repository (stored securely in the cloud) means that there is one single version of the truth, and data doesn’t get lost on individual employee’s PCs.

If you are a development professional in Nepal, and would like to meet with Grant to discuss how Granity might be able to help your organization then feel free to get in touch. We currently still have a few meeting slots available.

If you'd like to keep up to date with the trip as it unfolds, we’ll be posting regular updates on our twitter account @GranityNGO.

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